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Cozy Paws - Cat Bed

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Cozy Paws: Make Your Couch Their Second Favorite Spot

Introducing Cozy Paws, the ultimate cat bed by Shichic, the Buckingham Palace for your feline friends. A place so plush, so luxurious, it's like sinking into a marshmallow cloud...but without the sticky aftermath.

  • Nap Heaven: Luxe faux fur creates a cloud-like haven for ultimate catnaps 😻.
  • Joint Support: Foam designed to relieve pressure points for arthritis-riddled grand meowsters and sprightly kittens alike.
  • Safe Haven: Offers your territorial furball a calming retreat for stress-free snoozes.
  • Easy Cleanup: Our detachable, reversible faux fur resists fur build-up and goes right into the wash. 🧼
  • Couch-Saver: Having their own snooze spot might just save your upholstery. Though no guarantees for those incorrigible couch bandits 😈.
  • Bonding Moments: A dedicated space for petting and interacting, strengthening the purr-fect bond between you and your cat 😻
  • Fit for Any Decor: Chic oatmeal beige and white tones with anti-slip bottom. It stays put even when Fluffy gets feisty! 😼

Get Ready for Nap Royalty with Cozy Paws!


All Hail the Nap King: Your cat will be sleeping so soundly; they might just start snoring. And let's face it, there's nothing cuter than a snoring cat. 😻

Joint Support to the Max: The foam in our bed is like the superhero of joint support. It's like a personal masseuse for your cat's aching joints. Who knew luxury could be so therapeutic?

Easy Peasy Cleanup: Our detachable, reversible cat bed cover is easier to clean than convincing your cat that the vacuum cleaner isn't a monster. Just toss it in the wash and you're done. 🧼


Couch Banditry May Continue: While Cozy Paws is designed to give your cat their own snooze spot, we can't guarantee an end to their couch bandit escapades. Your upholstery might still need negotiations with your feline friend. 😈

Possible Decor Disputes: Cats are known for their impeccable taste. If Fluffy decides to redecorate, our anti-slip bottom will keep the bed in place...but we can't promise she won't drag other things around. 😼

Extreme Comfort Side Effects: Be prepared for your cat to love this bed so much, they might just start ignoring you. But hey, at least they'll be ignoring you comfortably!

  • Machine washable

    Includes storage space for other cat accessories

    and home essentials

  • comfy retreat

    The soft and plush faux fur material provides a warm and inviting space for your cat to curl up and unwind

  • protect your furniture

    steer your cat away from your favorite couch by offering a designated snooze spot

  • easy maintenance
  • Joint Support
  • Sense of Security
  • Bonding Moments


100% Polyester melange, 240g/m2


  • Machine wash
  • Dry safe


  • Enjoy free shipping on U.S. orders over $25!  We’re a small business, please allow us 1-2 days for processing, followed by a 3-5 business day delivery 😊

Returns & Change of Heart? Let's Make It Right!

  • Hello, fabulous feline friends! We totally understand that sometimes things might not work out as planned. That's why from the moment your Shichic treasures arrive, you have a cozy 14-day window to decide if they're a purrfect match or if it's just not the right vibe 🌟

    🌏 Eco-Mindful Shopping Policy: In our mission to reduce our carbon pawprint (and to prevent Shichic's kitty bank from turning into a fraidy-cat 😅), we kindly ask you to share the journey back with us. We cover 50% of the return shipping cost, thinking it's only fair to split the bill to promote thoughtful and responsible shopping. 🌿

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Elevate Naptime Bliss with Cozy Paws

Give your furbaby the gift of ultimate comfort with Cozy Paws – the pinnacle of cat bed luxury. Crafted with sustainability in mind, this cozy haven provides a guilt-free retreat for your pet. Cozy Paws is also snug and washable, making cleanup a breeze. 

Your cat’s throne needs a comfy cushion. Buy Cozy Paws now!

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