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Cushion - Poop Lounge Enclosure

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A custom-made cushion to fit our Poop Lounge Litter Enclosure. Add comfort for your cat and turn your Poop Lounge into a cosy entrance bench !

  • multifunctional & space-saving

    Includes storage space for other cat accessories

    and home essentials

  • Cat-friendly dimensions

    perfect for big cat breeds

    or multi-cat households

  • Hidden cat entrance

    So you don't have to stare at

    your cat doing his business

Large litter box enclosure with cat on top
  • Built-in sand traps
  • Luxurious & sustainable materials
  • Prevent Trauma-Induced Accidents:
  • Mystery gifts included


Our enclosure is MDF CARB P2 certified with non-toxic paint, ensuring there are no dangerous wood dust microparticles for you and your cats to inhale, which could lead to nastiness like cancer in the long run. Safety first, always!


Comes already pre-assembled, no DYI tools are needed

Returns & Change of Heart? Let's Make It Right!

  • Hello, fabulous feline friends! We totally understand that sometimes things might not work out as planned. That's why from the moment your Shichic treasures arrive, you have a cozy 14-day window to decide if they're a purrfect match or if it's just not the right vibe 🌟

    🌏 Eco-Mindful Shopping Policy: In our mission to reduce our carbon pawprint (and to prevent Shichic's kitty bank from turning into a fraidy-cat 😅), we kindly ask you to share the journey back with us. We cover 50% of the return shipping cost, thinking it's only fair to split the bill to promote thoughtful and responsible shopping. 🌿

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