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Poop Lounge - Large Litter Box Enclosure

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Poop Lounge
Poop Lounge + Litter Box
Get a pan made to fit perfectly with your Poop Lounge !
Poop Lounge Comfort Bundle
Poop Lounge + Custom Cushion
Poop Lounge
Poop Lounge + Litter Box
Get a pan made to fit perfectly with your Poop Lounge !
Poop Lounge Comfort Bundle
Poop Lounge + Custom Cushion
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We take immense pride in the Poop Lounge. It’s not just an elegant large cat litter box enclosure, but a true trompe-l’oeil masterpiece, elevating home catification to new heights! 

We're staking our claim as the best hidden cat litter pan on the market. Dare to take our challenge? Ask your guests to guess the purpose of this stylish cat litter box cabinet. We bet you they'll be clueless about its dirty secret: a Poop Lounge for your cat to shit with chic!

  • 🏠 Multifunctional & Space-Saving: Transform the top panel into a TV stand, a book shelf, or shoe bench. It's as versatile as your imagination – perfect for any catification project !
  • 🗄️ Storage Powerhouse: Who knew a storage whiz could cater to all your feline's needs, and in style? Could even stash that "Decoding Cat Behavior" book we're all thumbing through!
  • 🐾Clean Floors - No more litter tracking: Our built-in sandtrap ensures litter stays where it's supposed to – in the box, not on your floors (or your feet…) No more vacuuming war ! 
  • 👑Ultimate Home Catification: by placing PoopLounge in your communal area, you welcome your cat's presence in your living space, strengthening your bond through shared territory & scent mingling (seriously, who likes to poop in a cold garage? Quoting Jackson Galaxy here)
  • Cat Stress-free experience:

    The open yet protected entryway allows for safe and trauma-free exits for your cat, crucial for your cat’s wellbeing when other pets or little hoomans are in the mix!

  • 📏Cat Friendly dimensions: With space for the largest Jumbo trays and XL entry, your cat will love its new set up instantly, guaranteed !
  • 🌏 Eco-Friendly: Handcrafted from 100% recyclable repurposed oak wood veneer shavings & responsibly sourced to minimize our carbon footprint. We're not at zero yet, (hello, transportation), but we're committed to getting closer, one paw at a time! 
  • 🌿Safety & Health priority: Crafted with MDF CARB P2 certified materials and non-toxic paint, ensuring a safe breathing environment for both your feline friend and family!
  • Mystery goodies for feline fun: ever bought something fancy for your cat and they only played with the box? Classic feline move! 😹 That's why we throw in some extra gifts to make both the box and its contents equally pawsome!


Multifunctional Marvel: The Poop Lounge isn't just an enclosed type of large cat litter box; it doubles as a TV stand, electronic devices console, or a living room décor table. It's basically the Swiss Army knife of a cat furniture litter box – stylish and versatile!

Compact Chic: With a design that's simple yet space-efficient, the Poop Lounge won't cramp your style or your room. It's the "less is more" philosophy for cat furniture – more space for your cat to roam and less worry for you.

Perfectly Sized: Comfortable for large kittens and generous enough to be shared by regular-sized ones, the Poop Lounge hits the sweet spot in size.


Space-Size Dilemma: The Poop Lounge might bring all the feline flair, but it might not be the ideal match if you are into small-spaced living.

Preassembled Puzzle: This large cat litter box enclosure comes preassembled in two pieces. It's like getting a jigsaw puzzle with only two pieces - where's the fun in that?

Privacy, Please: The Poop Lounge offers a sequestered spot for your kitty's potty time but beware; it may lead to feline entitlement. Your cat might start demanding a "Do Not Disturb" sign and room service for the ultimate bathroom experience.

Ready to elevate your cat's lifestyle? Dive into the purrfection of the Poop Lounge – where style meets functionality in every paw-sible way!

  • multifunctional & space-saving

    Includes storage space for other cat accessories

    and home essentials

  • Cat-friendly dimensions

    perfect for big cat breeds

    or multi-cat households

  • Hidden cat entrance

    So you don't have to stare at

    your cat doing his business

  • Built-in sand traps
  • Luxurious & sustainable materials
  • Prevent Trauma-Induced Accidents
  • Mystery gifts included

Designed in Paris, handmade by our artisan in Vietnam


Our enclosure is MDF CARB P2 certified with non-toxic paint, ensuring there are no dangerous wood dust microparticles for you and your cats to inhale, which could lead to nastiness like cancer in the long run. Safety first, always!


Comes already pre-assembled in 2 pieces. No DYI tools are needed other than the Allen key included.


  • Shipping: Enjoy free shipping on U.S. orders over $25!  We’re a small business, please allow us 1-2 days for processing, followed by a 3-5 business day delivery 😊 Packaged dimension at your door will be 39.3*21.2*21.2 (100*54*52cm)

Returns & Change of Heart? Let's Make It Right!

  • Hello, fabulous feline friends! We totally understand that sometimes things might not work out as planned. That's why from the moment your Shichic treasures arrive, you have a cozy 14-day window to decide if they're a purrfect match or if it's just not the right vibe 🌟

    🌏 Eco-Mindful Shopping Policy: In our mission to reduce our carbon pawprint (and to prevent Shichic's kitty bank from turning into a fraidy-cat 😅), we kindly ask you to share the journey back with us. We cover 50% of the return shipping cost, thinking it's only fair to split the bill to promote thoughtful and responsible shopping. 🌿

Size chart

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inside XS

* Sizes are American and expressed in inches.

More Than Just a Cat Litter Furniture Box

With its space-efficient design, preassembled ease, and the perfect size for all your furry companions, the Poop Lounge is the purr-fect cat litter box and cabinet that caters to both your cat's comfort and your home's aesthetic. Bid farewell to the cluttered and mundane and say hello to a large enclosure cat litter box that effortlessly merges elegance with practicality. 

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