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cat poop outside litter box

10 Reasons Your Cat Prefers to Poop Outside the Litter Box

Ah, the humble litter box. A beacon of cleanliness for cat owners worldwide becomes a staging ground for what can only be described as 'The Great Litterbox Odyssey.' This is quite the adventure — but not the type where you're rolling around in cashmere with Pimms in hand, more like a deeply philosophical exploration of your furry friend's unique worldview.

Why exactly does Whiskers have such disdain for pooping in her immaculately prepared bathroom set-up? Why did you again find cat poop outside the litter box?

Explore ten whimsical and minimally detailed reasons behind your cat's peculiar pooping preferences.

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Now, let's get down to business and uncover the mystery behind your cat's bathroom behavior.

1. Could it Be the Litter Box?

Cat owners often flounder in the depths of existential angst, but what if your cat is the shadow cast by Plato's litter box? New litter materials or a change in the size and shape of the box might be more than just a 'change.' For a cat, it's a violation of the box's fundamental essence.

The litter box is a sacred space and altering it could induce an identity crisis in your feline friend.

2. Could the Litter Box Be Smelly?

C'est la vie in the cat world, where olfactory offense is both art and defense. If the litter box morphs into a scent bomb that tickles your cat's whiskers a bit too fiercely, they might write it off as an unfriendly base of operations.

So, if you want your cat to use the litter box, make sure to get rid of the dirty litter and make sure that the litter box is clean and fresh for a more pleasant bathroom experience. A clean litter box may even entice your cat to use it more often. A dirty litter box, on the other hand, could result in your cat finding alternative spots to do their business.

3. Is it Cheap Cat Litter?

Ever bought a cheaper, inferior type of litter? Your cat has a finely tuned tactile radar; disrupt it, and they'll be tapping (or not tapping) out a warning to the bathroom decorum.

Take the hint, and change the litter type. Splurge a little on a more satisfying litter experience for your feline companion.

FlushIt, the best tofu cat litter, could be your answer.

4. Is it Too Much Litter?

Some cats have a penchant for precision, and litter box depth is the key reason why your cat keeps pooping outside the litter box. If you add too much litter, your cat might feel overwhelmed by the never-ending abyss of granular matter.

Make sure to keep just enough litter in the box to avoid any accidents or aversions.

5. Does Your Cat Feel Stressed?

Ah, le stress, the invisible intruder. Your cat, a majestic creature of routine and repose, might face the silent thunder of stress without a whisker out of place. Perhaps it's the new espresso machine hissing like a snake or the dog's incessant tail-wagging saga that make them poop outside the litter box.

A stressed cat might view the litter box as terrain non grata, searching for tranquility elsewhere—perhaps in your favorite shoe. Keep calmness in the air; perhaps a catnip-scented peace treaty is in order.

6. Could it Be Dry Cat Food?

Ah, le dry cat food. According to Jackson Galaxy, dry food could be the culprit of your cat's litter box aversion. It's like serving dinner on a budget airline – efficient but oh, so uninspiring. Cats need water, and they prefer to drink it like the elegant creatures they are.

Wet food is a great way to incorporate more hydration into your cat's diet and possibly lessen cat poop odor outside the litter box.

7. Is the Litter Box Available to Your Cat?

Do you have one of those bathroom doors that whooshes and seals your cat out with a disconcerting finality? To many cats, the 'Great Wall of Bathroom' is an unwelcoming mystery at best. And this could be the answer to the question "Why is my cat pooping outside of the litter box?".

If your cat has access to the bathroom, try leaving the door ajar so they can observe their surroundings while doing their business. If that's not an option, consider placing a second litter box in a more inviting location.

8. Is Your Cat Litter Box Covered?

Oh, le covered litter box, a fortress of solitude or a trap of despair? Imagine donning a hat that's too snug – cozy for a moment, then overwhelmingly close. Your cat might view their covered litter box as less of a chic Parisian apartment and more of a cramped elevator, resulting in not being able to make it to the litter.

Light and air, mes amis, are key for a leisurely loo experience. Consider an open-air model, like MarbleLoo, for the breezy café terrace feel.

Get MarbleLoo, the litter box that combines modern design with practicality and comfort for your cat!

9. Do You Have More than One Cats?

Cats are independent creatures, and witnessing the result of another feline's labor can sometimes be off-putting — especially in a multi-cat household. The reduction in ratio available facilities to feline can result in solo adventures.

The addition of a second litter box can decrease the likelihood of finding any surprises outside of the box. Plus, your kitties may enjoy having their own designated space to go potty without feeling crowded or rushed. So, if you have multiple cats, don't hesitate to add another litter box to keep things tidy and stress-free for everyone involved.

10. Could the Litter Box Location Be the Culprit?

Just like us, cats prefer a bit of privacy when using the bathroom. If their litter box is located in a high-traffic or noisy area, they may become hesitant to use it. So, if you think this is why your cat is pooping outside the litter box, then try moving the box to a quieter and more secluded location so your cat feels comfortable while using it.

Also, consider accessibility for older cats or those with mobility issues. If the litter box is too difficult for them to reach, they may prefer pooping on the floor. Make sure the location and height of the box are suitable for all your furry friends.

In conclusion, when it comes to cat pooping outside the litter box, there could be various reasons behind it. By understanding your cat's needs and providing a clean, accessible, and comfortable litter box space, you can prevent any unwanted surprises and maintain a tidy home for both you and your feline friends.

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Last Notes on the Reasons You Find Cat Poop Outside the Litter Box

Voilà, the enigma of feline indiscretions outside the litter box unraveled. Remember, cats aren't plotting to turn your abode into a free-for-all restroom. They're just picky patrons in the café of comfort. Offering a clean, serene, and accessible litter oasis might just be the je ne sais quoi that keeps the peace.

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