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MarbleLoo - Cat Litter Box & free Pooper Scooper

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👑 Your Cat's Throne will outshine Your Own!

MarbleLoo isn't just a big cat litter box; it's a luxurious marble-like throne that lets your cat shit with chic!

Humorous? Absolutely!  But also a serious contender for the best and most cat-friendly litter box for small spaces on the market!

WHY this metal litter box over plastic ones ?

  • Effortless Cleaning 🧼: No more scrubbing, more cuddling ! With our non-stick Teflon coating cleaning becomes a breeze 
  • Most Cat Friendly design: In line with cat expert Jackson Galaxy's recommendations, MarbleLoo's open-air design and low entryway make it a dream setup for your feline's potty time.
  • 🌏 Eco-Friendly & Cost-Effective: MarbleLoo is a purrfect match for your organic cat litter! Vets recommend changing plastic pans every 2 years, whereas MarbleLoo will last 15. It's a smart investment for your wallet and the planet!
  • Odor-Free Environment: Unlike plastic, stainless steel doesn’t absorb odors over time, keeping your home fresh. Your nose and guests will thank you !
  • 🌿 Hygiene & Health priority: As much as you choose tofu cat litter to keep your furbaby’s lungs safe, it’s time to stray away as well from germ-ridden plastics. Our high-quality Teflon is also chemical and dye-free, prioritizing your cat's health. 
  • Size Matters: MarbleLoo comes in two sizes to accommodate cats of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking for a small cat litter box or a large cat litter box, MarbleLoo is there to cater to your feline friend’s needs.

  • A statement of Elegance: Finally, you no longer have to choose between your cat and your home décor 😎
  • 🎁 Launch Offer: We’re adding a 19$ Pooper Scooper for free as a way to thank you for being an early adopter, so hurry up!

Ready to upgrade your cat’s comfort and your convenience? Join the MarbleLoo revolution today!

For the poop poets like us: A marble throne of such opulent pleasure, humans secretly wishing for a similar treasure!


Cat Bling: MarbleLoo isn't just any small litter box; it's a cat's ultimate throne! Your furry overlord will feel like a regal meowjesty while doing their business on this luxurious marble-like throne. 

Durability: Made from super-tough, high-quality metal, MarbleLoo is built to outlast your cat's wildest antics. Unlike those flimsy plastic litter boxes that crack or give up, MarbleLoo will keep standing tall, no matter what your cat throws at it! 

Perfectly Sized for Every Kitty: MarbleLoo comes in two sizes, so it's purrfect for cats of all shapes and sizes. From tiny tabbies to big, majestic Maine Coons, MarbleLoo's got them all covered. No more squeezing into cramped litter boxes or feeling like a cat in a can! 


Chic, Maybe Too Chic: MarbleLoo's stylish design is simply purrfection, but beware—your cat might just develop an attitude to match! Don't be surprised if you find your kitty demanding caviar instead of kibble.

Tech-Savvy Cats Only: In this digital age, even our pets are tech aficionados. However, MarbleLoo doesn't come with Wi-Fi—sorry, tech-kitten! Your feline pal will have to pause their YouTube bird-watching marathon while they take care of business. 

The Green-Eyed Monster: Prepare for pet envy as your cat's MarbleLoo could cause the neighbour’s cats to start hissing with jealousy. You'll be the talk of the feline world, and your kitty will bask in the glory. Just make sure you monitor for any signs of a kitty coup d'état!

Is your cat tired of the same old litter box? Ready to give them the royal treatment and make your life easier too? Add to cart now!

  • Effortless Cleaning

    non-stick Teflon coating makes cleanup a breeze

    freeing you from the burden of scrubbing!

  • Better Odor control

    Unlike plastic, which traps odors in micro-scratches over time, our stainless steel stays fresh

  • Pristine Hygiene & health safety

    Ditch germ-magnet plastic. stainless steel ensures a germ-free haven for your cat & hoomans.

  • Allergies

    Stainless steel construction reduces the risk of triggering some allergies vs plastic trays with chemicals and dyes


Our enclosure is MDF CARB P2 certified with non-toxic paint, ensuring there are no dangerous wood dust microparticles for you and your cats to inhale, which could lead to nastiness like cancer in the long run. Safety first, always!


For the love of fur, avoid scrubbing with harsh materials that could damage the Marbleloo's divine coatings.

Avoid alcohol-based cleaners on the painted exterior to maintain its dusted finish

If you have larger breed cats like Maine Coons or you're a multi-cat household, we suggest our Jumbo size litter box. It provides the extra space needed to accommodate larger cats or multiple cats that may share a litter box.

Upcoming Upgrades: Given that 5-10% of cats are sprayers, we're designing a lid—ETA 3 months. For now, if you have a sprayer, opt for the Jumbo's higher sides and exercise extra caution if you plan to combine the Marbleloo in a wooden Poop Lounge or Poop Nest !


  • Shipping: Enjoy free shipping on U.S. orders over $25!  We’re a small business, please allow us 1-2 days for processing, followed by a 3-5 business day delivery 😊

Returns & Change of Heart? Let's Make It Right!

  • Hello, fabulous feline friends! We totally understand that sometimes things might not work out as planned. That's why from the moment your Shichic treasures arrive, you have a cozy 14-day window to decide if they're a purrfect match or if it's just not the right vibe 🌟

    🌏 Eco-Mindful Shopping Policy: In our mission to reduce our carbon pawprint (and to prevent Shichic's kitty bank from turning into a fraidy-cat 😅), we kindly ask you to share the journey back with us. We cover 50% of the return shipping cost, thinking it's only fair to split the bill to promote thoughtful and responsible shopping. 🌿

Size chart

jumbo XS
standard XS
jumbo23.615.756 3.3LB

* Sizes are American and expressed in inches.

We recommend the Standard if 

  • You have regular-sized cat breeds and value space efficiency. It offers ample room for your cat while minimizing its footprint in your home.
  • You want to combine it with the Poop Nest 

We recommend the Jumbo if 

  • You have larger breed cats like Maine Coons or you're a multi-cat household & your furry friends may share a litter box.
  • Ypace is not a concern and you want to provide your cat with a luxurious and spacious litter area. 
  • You want to be in line with the vets recommendation: to have a litter box that is approximately 1.5 times the length of your cat (who has that luxury?)
  • Your cat tends to be a messy sprayer. Because its higher sides are ideal for containing any potential mess or leakage and keeping your floors clean.
  • You want to combine it with the Poop Lounge
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Elevate Your Cat's Loo Experience

Don't wait to lavish your furry friend with the pinnacle of litter box luxury. The MarbleLoo isn't just a product; it's a statement—a testament to the love you hold for your distinguished companion. So, elevate your cat's daily routine to the realm of royalty. Embrace the envy with pride, and let your cat strut their stuff as the regal ruler of the roost. 

Act now, because in the world of posh paws, this cat litter box is truly the cat's meow!