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cat furniture

Cat Furniture: Stylish and Functional Additions to Your Home

If you're a cat parent, you know that your feline pals are more than pets—they're part of the family. And just like any family member, they deserve their own special space in your home. Enter the world of cat furniture, where functionality meets feline chic. In this blog post, we'll explore how cat furniture can not only seamlessly integrate with your home decor but also contribute to the happiness and well-being of your whiskered friends.

Why Invest in Cat Furniture?

Cats are the undisputed aristocrats of the animal kingdom – they expect comfort and luxury, draped over the back of your sofa like little furry monarchs.

But why let your couch become a fur-coated throne when you can provide your regal beast with its own kingdom?

Investing in high-quality cat furniture isn't just about giving your pet a place to nap!

Cats are the original adventurers, always on the lookout for the next climb, scratch, and territory to conquer. That's why cat furniture exists - it's a cat's personal kingdom, a place to rule and play.

Health and Happiness

A specialized piece of cat furniture such as a cat tree or scratching post provides your cat with a place to exhibit their natural scratching and climbing urges, which can keep them physically fit and mentally stimulated. It also protects your furniture from becoming an unintended scratching spot!

A Touch of Style

Farewell to the era of uninspiring cat furniture! Now, designers unleash a purrfect blend of style and function. From chic minimalist perches to posh designer cat pods, feline companions can finally indulge in furniture that truly suits their sophisticated tastes.

Safety and Territory

Furniture designed for cats comes with fancy elevated spots that are basically their VIP lounges. You see, cats have this thing for perching on high ground, feeling like they're kings and queens of their kingdoms. It's their way of saying, "I'm the boss around here, hoomans!"

So, if you want to keep your furry friend feeling safe and fabulous, give them a purrfectly elevated spot to rule their territory from. Meow-gnificent!

Features to Look For in Cat Furniture

When scouting for the ultimate feline fortress, there are a couple of must-haves to keep in mind. Think of these as the 'purr-ks' of cat real estate. These are:


When it comes to the longevity of cat furniture, nine lives are not enough!

You'll want a piece that can stand up to the Herculean feats of clawing, leaping, and the occasional 'if I fits, I sits' tests.

So, hunt down cat furniture made of sturdy materials — think fortified cardboard, solid wood, or industrial-strength sisal — ensuring it survives every feline onslaught brought about by your tiny panther's rambunctious moments.

Easy to Clean

Remember cleanliness is next to catliness! Opt for cat furniture that doesn't turn into a fur magnet or makes you wish you had eight arms to scrub out every nook and cranny.

Look for smooth surfaces or removable and washable cushions.

Because let's face it, cleaning up after your cat's wild shindig should be less 'hair-raising' and more 'purr-snickety'!

Purr-fectly Sized

Size matters – your cat's throne shouldn't look like it's made for an elephant nor for a mouse. Whether you have a dainty kitty or a chonky chief, the furniture should be a 'one size fits all' deal.

It has to be roomy enough for a loaf session but also snug for those cozy, curl-up-and-purr times.

Take measurements as if you're tailoring the finest suit — but for lounging and scratching, of course!

Features for the Modern Cat

In the digital age, shouldn't your cat be vibing with the times, too?

Consider tech-savvy furniture featuring built-in LED lights for those late-night paw-patrols or USB ports to plug in an array of spinning toys and laser gadgets.

This is for the cat who likes their leisure time to be just as plugged-in as their human's life.

Aesthetic Appeal

You wouldn't put just any old scratching post in your modernist living room, now would you?

The style of your cat's lounge should make your feline feel like they're on the cover of "Vogue: The Furry Edition."

Choose designs that scream (or meow) sophistication but still spark joy for your kitty.

Whether it's a minimalist chic tower that could double as an art installation, or a quirky piece that makes visitors chuckle — blend that cat castle with your decor like a fine wine pairs with the catch of the day.

Remember, if it's Instagram-worthy, you've hit the jackpot on cat furniture fashion!

Comfort that Rivals Your Lap

Let's be real, cats have two modes: playful predator on a catnip-fueled rampage and lazy furball that melts over the couch like butter on a hot pancake. Your cat's furniture should cater to the latter, being the kind of plush paradise that could tempt even the most discerning of feline loungers.

Look for materials that make the clouds jealous with their softness!

We're talking layers of fluff that could send your cat into a purr so powerful, it registers on the Richter scale.

Because let's face it, if your cat's sofa is anything less than the epitome of coziness, you'll find your whiskered overlord back commandeering your pillow in no time.

Modern Cat Furniture for the Modern Cat

In today's fast-paced world, cats are becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives.

No longer simply relegated to outdoor hunters or indoor sleepers, cats are now considered members of the family who deserve all the comforts that humans have.

With this shift in mindset comes the demand for modern cat furniture that reflects our evolving relationship with our feline friends. Take a look at cat furniture every home can love:

Wall-mounted Cat Shelves That Double as Wall Art

wall cat shelves

C'est la vie for the contemporary cat—gone are the days of dull, drab scratching posts that stick out like a sore pouce (thumb). Modern cat shelves have pounced onto the scene, turning your walls into a playground for Monsieur Whiskers.

Imagine sleek, curved platforms that allow your feline to lounge above it all, surveying their _ domaine _ with the casual indifference of a French aristocrat.

Expect your guests to say, "Ooh la la!" as they admire your cat leaping from shelf to shelf, partaking in the ancient art of parkour — or as we like to call it, "cat_-our_"— elevated by design as much as by function.

Large Cat Trees That Embrace Their Natural Instincts

cat trees - cat furniture

Cats are natural climbers, and modern cat trees indulge this instinct in the most stylish of ways.

With clean lines and contemporary designs, these cat trees blend seamlessly into any home decor while providing your kitty with the height and stimulation they crave.

Some even come equipped with built-in hideaways, enriching their environment and providing a cozy spot for them to retreat when they need some alone time.

Luxury Cat Beds That Are More Comfortable Than Our Own

cat bed

Gone are the days of frumpy, lumpy cat beds that are an eyesore in any room. Modern cat beds now come in a variety of shapes, colors, and fabrics that rival our own human-sized mattresses.

From cozy caves to plush loungers, these beds are designed with your cat's comfort in mind.

You may even find yourself envious of your feline companion and wanting to curl up next to them on their luxurious bed.

Cat Scratcher That Says "Au Revoir" to Drab Design

Cat Scratcher - cat furniture

Bid adieu to mundane and unsightly scratching posts that stick out like thorns among roses. Modern cat scratchers now come in a range of visually appealing designs, from sleek and minimalist to playful and whimsical.

You'll no longer have to hide away your cat's scratching post or try to camouflage it; instead, it can become a statement piece in your home.

With so many options available, you can find a cat scratcher that not only satisfies your cat's natural need to scratch but also adds to the overall aesthetic of your living space.

Cat Toys That Entertain and Engage

cat toys

Gone are the days of lazy cats lounging around all day without any stimulation. Modern cat toys now come in a variety of interactive designs that engage your cat's curiosity, keeping them entertained and mentally stimulated for hours on end.

From puzzle feeders to laser pointers, these toys provide a fun and engaging way for your cat to get some exercise and sharpen their hunting instincts.

Plus, with so many options available, you can find the perfect toy for your cat's unique personality and preferences. Whether they prefer chasing after feathers or batting around a ball, there's a toy out there that will keep them entertained for hours.

Elevated Cat Towers with Sleek Lines and Modern Design

cat tower - cat furniture

Multi-level cat towers have revolutionized the game, mes amis, taking the 'maison' of your beloved whiskered connoisseur to dizzying new heights of sophistication.

No more will your chat gaze upon a standard, carpet-covered monstrosity.

Instead, they can lounge on a sleek and stylish tower that complements your home's decor.

With multiple levels for climbing, scratching posts for sharpening claws, and cozy hideaways for napping, these modern cat towers offer all the comforts your feline friend desires while also adding to the overall aesthetic of your living space.

Litter Boxes That Blend Seamlessly into Your Home Decor

cat litter box

Oh là là, mes chers amis, let's not ignore the piece de resistance of feline finesse – the litter box! The times of unsightly plastic trays are over; today, litter boxes are not just a necessity, they're a statement.

They come with the kind of flair that could make even the most discerning of kitties purr with joie de vivre.

These chic disposal domains are cleverly disguised as elegant furniture, from rustic wooden cabinets to minimalist modern benches. And voilà – the litter box is no longer an eyesore but a charming chameleon, blending with your chic decor. So, banish the thought of odorous eyesores and say 'bonjour' to litter boxes that elevate your style while your furry monarch does their... ahem... 'royal business'.

The Best Cat Furniture for Your Feline Royalty

Finding the perfect cat furniture for your beloved furball can be a daunting task. With so many options available, how do you choose the best one?

Fear not, mes amis! We're here to guide you towards the ultimate throne fit for your feline royalty.

Shichic offers a wide range of high-quality, modern cat furniture that will satisfy even the most finicky of felines.

The Ultimate Litter Box Enclosure for Small Spaces

litter box enclosure - cat furniture

Living in a small apartment or condo doesn't mean your litter box has to be an eyesore.

Our sleek litter box enclosure will blend seamlessly into your decor while keeping the odors at bay.

The Poop Nest is perfect for tight spaces, but that doesn't mean your cat has to sacrifice comfort.

With its spacious design and odor-eliminating features, your cat will feel like they have their own private bathroom.

Say goodbye to stinky litter boxes with the Poop Nest!

The Best Elevated Cat Bed for the Ultimate Catnap

cat bed

It's no secret that cats spend most of their day snoozing away, so why not give them the ultimate place to rest?

Our luxurious cat beds provide a soft and comfortable spot for your kitty to curl up and dream the day away.

Pair Cozy Paws with Poop Nest to get the perfect elevated cat bed combo!

Cozy Paws is the perfect bed for cats who love to burrow!

Get Cozy Paws for your little love bug for your regal ruler!

The Ideal Litter Box Furniture for a Multi-Cat Household

cat furniture

Dealing with multiple litter boxes can be a hassle and take up valuable space.

But with Poop Lounge, you can have your large litter box in one convenient and stylish location.

This litter box enclosure not only has a hidden cat entrance but also looks like a piece of furniture you would have in your home, even if you had no cats.

This cat furniture is made of built-in sand traps and sustainable materials, Poop Lounge is a perfect solution for any cat parent looking to simplify their litter box situation.

Simplify your multi-cat household with the Poop Lounge!

The Perfect Cat Litter Box Solution for Modern Home

cat litter pan

Discover the safest litter box for your precious feline with Shichic's MarbleLoo.

Made with non-toxic materials and designed to blend seamlessly into any modern home, this litter box is both functional and stylish.

The unique litter pan is created by non-stick Teflon coating, allowing for easy cleaning and preventing litter from sticking to the pan.

This stainless steel litter box offers you better odor control and prevent allergies derived from plastics.

Bid farewell to the days of playing hide-and-seek with unpleasant odors, as the MarbleLoo makes them pouf, disappear like a cat's well-kept secret.

Prepare to be the envy of every cat owner in the neighborhood with MarbleLoo!

Finding the Perfect Spot for Your Cat Furniture in Your Home

When it comes to the perfect spot for your chat's chateau, think like a cat. They're natural-born surveyors who love a room with a vue. High perches offer a panoramic spectacle of their kingdom, while a cozy corner provides a secretive nook for those impromptu siestas.

So, find a spot that lets your kitty bask in the afternoon sunbeams — it's the crùme de la crùme of real estate in their eyes.

And as they lounge there, like the royalty they are, they'll be able to surveil their human subjects with ease.

Oui, it must be nothing less than purr-fect — a place that makes every other feline in the neighborhood green with envy, whispering "Oh là là" as they pass by your window.

So, Should Your Invest In Cat Furniture?

As cat lovers you know that investing in cat furniture is an investment in your cat's overall wellness.

It provides them with a dedicated area to scratch, climb, and relax, which can significantly enrich their indoor life. Plus, it saves your own furniture and can add an element of style to your home.

It's a win-win scenario for you and your feline friend!

So, treat your kitty to some new digs and revel in the joy it brings them. After all, their happiness is bound to rub off on you, too!

Remember to browse our selection of cat furniture options and see how each could fit into your life.

With the right furniture, your cat can enjoy their natural instincts without compromising the aesthetics and harmony of your home.

For more pet care tips and insights into creating a pet-friendly living space, stay tuned to our blog and join a community of fellow cat parents dedicated to giving their pets the best life possible.