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18 Solutions for When Your Cat Is Not Using the Litter Box!

Understanding your feline friend can sometimes feel like decoding an enigmatic puzzle. One of the most confounding issues a cat owner can encounter is when their cat decides to take a pass on the perfectly good litter box provided. Did your cat stop using the litter box? Then, it's time to learn how you can shore up that kitty karma with a transaction that actually ends with a deposit.

But before we dive into the solutions, take a moment to understand the reasons why a cat is not using their litter box in the first place through our article Why Would a Cat Stop Using the Litter Box?

Now let's delve into 18 available solutions to your litter box problem.

1. Create a Calm Environment

Cats are creatures of comfort. Noise, commotion, and even remodels can throw them off their very delicate feline game. Ensure that the litter box location is not in the path of such disruptions.

2. Use Shallow Litter Boxes

Cats are natural diggers and the deeper the box, the further it feels from the pristine condition they seek. Opt for shallower pans, and you might find your cat more agreeable.

3. Keep the Litter Box Clean

Would you use a toilet that hasn't been flushed? Probably not. Cats are no different, fastidious little critters that they are. The common etiquette of a clean potty is paramount for feline consent.

4. Get a Bigger or Uncovered Litter Box

Cats, especially bigger ones, may feel cramped in a small box, leading to "spill over protest." This could be why your cat isn't using the box. An open litter box gives them a better view of the surroundings and aid in escape planning if need be!

5. Add More Cat Litter

In multi-cat households, a single litter box might be a 'no room at the inn' scenario. Add another box or two and watch harmony, or at least potty usage, flourish.

6. Try FlushIt by Shichic - Tofu Cat Litter

Sometimes, the secret to conquering the litter box rebellion lies in the litter itself. Enter FlushIt by Shichic - the crùme de la crùme of cat litters. Made from tofu – yes, the same stuff in your hippie aunt's fridge – this clumping litter is eco-friendly, flushable, and oh-la-la, it's virtually dust-free.

Give FlushIt a try, and watch your feline say "oui" to their updated toiletry experience!

7. Get a Cat Litter Pan Cover

On the flip side, some cats desire privacy for their bathroom seclusion. If your cat is the more reclusive type, a cover or a covered box may make them feel more secure.

8. Location (and Privacy) is Key

The choice of your bathroom's view is just as critical for your cat as it is for you. Don't commit the faux pas of placing their bathroom in a high traffic area. Opt for a quieter or more secluded zone instead.

9. Try Poop Nest - Small Litter Box Enclosure

Picture this: your feline overlord atop their very own Poop Nest. Intrigued? Poop Nest is the petite chĂąteau where your cat can engage in the art of incognito indiscretions. This elegant enclosure masks the meow-ness of a litter box with the chicness of furniture. VoilĂ ! Your kitty's powder room is now a statement piece, blending seamlessly into your habitat. A little privacy, sil vous plaĂźt, as they attend to their delicate affairs.

Get Poop Nest and allow your cat to indulge in their inner socialite!

10. Give Multiple Cats Options

Cats have a certain mystery about their preferences. While one might prefer one style box, another might need to be wined and dined by ten before a choice is made. Multiple options give everyone some 'meow' time.

11. Keep Litter Box Away from Dogs and Kids

Just as cats may prefer privacy, they cherish peace during their 'bathroom meetings.' If your feline shares a home with canines, noisy toddlers or even another cat, a safe distance is always a smart strategy.

12. Give Your Cat The Best Cat Litter Box Enclosure

Enter the Poop Lounge, the piÚce de résistance for your purring connoisseur. Think of it not just as a litter box enclosure, but la crÚme de la crÚme of feline sanitation stations. Crafted with flair and function, it's where style and potty coalesce, a veritable oasis for your whiskered compatriot. One might say it's the ultimate retreat for discerning kitties to do their business with a dash of panache. Ooh la la, indeed.

Get the best litter box enclosure in the market - Poop Lounge!

13. Put a Litter Box on Every Floor

Stairs are for exercise, oui? But let's not force our fluffballs into a feline fitness regimen mid-siesta. A litter box per level or an extra box per room—c'est magnifique! Let whiskers wander to where need meets convenience. Can you hear the purrs of approval?

14. Get the Best Cat Litter Box in the Market

Behold, the MarbleLoo – where chic meets cheek. A commode so refined, that your chat will boast of its bathroom. Carved from dreams, this litter pan is the epitome of elegance and functionality. No more unsightly plastic boxes, no more tracking litter across the floor – just pure sophistication for your feline friend. With its sleek design and high-quality materials, the MarbleLoo, our new box, is truly a step above the rest.

Try the best litter box in the market - MarbleLoo!

15. Eliminate Accident Odors

The smell of past indiscretions draws cats back to the scene of the crime, again and again. Clean thoroughly with an enzyme-based cleaner to erase any lingering odors that might beckon them back.

16. Change the Type of Litter

Your cat might have a type. Whether it's texture, smell, or color, sometimes a change-up is all it takes to win their bathroom approval. Before you buy any new litter, you better discover the best natural litter for your feline. Check out our article Fresh and Natural Cat Litter: Your Solution for Odor-Free Homes.

17. Make the Area Less Appealing

Environmental deterrents such as double-sided tape, tin foil, or upside-down carpet runner can discourage cats from revisiting the area. Just don't make it too tortuous for their furry feet.

18. Make It a Positive Experience

Place treats or toys near the box to create a positive association. "Hey, every time I decide to take care of business in here, there's a new catnip toy waiting for me!?"

Is Your Cat Still Not Using the Litter Box?

If after trying these suggestions, Mr. Whiskers is still staging a protest, it might be time for a vet visit to check for any medical condition your cat may face. The vet will rule out any potential health issues. Remember, just like us, cats can have a range of reasons for their bathroom behavior, some of which might need the help of a professional to sort out.

However, don't panic right away. Did your cat suddenly stop using the litter box or decide to pee outside the litter box? Maybe it's just a phase they are going through.

To better understand your cat's litter box issues, it is essential to observe their behavior and track any changes. Also, you can check our article Top 10 Ways to Stop Your Cat from Peeing Outside the Box to get in your cat's head and figure out what's going on.